FitSlim Therapy CA
Introducing the UltraSlim Light Technology

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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials from Real UltraSlim Clients

Shorts back in rotation

Skeptic... to Believer!

Exercised all her life, but just couldn't reduce the abdominal fat, 

but UltraSlim did!

Lost restricting fat in abdomen that was causing pressure on her body

Lost 8 Inches! with UltraSlim!

Man's Perspective of UltraSlim

Fits in pants...after 4 years!
Happy and amazed, just after 1 UltraSlim treatment

Other UltraSlim Testimonials


"I'm fitting into pants I thought I'd never wear again. This is awesome."    

 Ken M., San Francisco, CA


"I wasn't even this small before I got pregnant. UltraSlim definitely works."      

Kristin H., Palo Alto, CA 


"I was working out daily.  Riding 25-30 miles a day, doing a P90x type AB routine, proper diet, but still not getting the definition I was looking for.  Since my 6 treatments, I've lost 7 1/2" and my six pack is coming thru."
Mark Deadman, Bay Area Franchise Owner


"I've lost over a combined 5 inches in my lower abdominals and my thighs and it has only been 4 treatments!
Stéphanie Merport, Spa Consultant 

“Lose at least 2” of fat from your waist, hips, and thighs in just one hour. My face has also responded to the skin rejuvenation. The new collagen and elastin have made a big difference. The lines and wrinkles on my face have disappeared, the blemishes are less noticeable, the skin tags on my eyelids are smaller, and the skin overall looks much younger. UltraSlim is a real blessing to us. Try it yourself!

“I lost 10lbs and 4 inches! I am very athletic and after a neck injury in a bike race over 4 years ago, I had to lay on the couch for a month and gained 10 lbs. No matter how hard I tried, and not matter how many miles I rode, I just couldn’t get the weight off. If you are one of those who is looking to get off those pounds, that seems so hard to do once you are over 40, this has worked like magic for me.”

Pleasant A. Lewis, President Gold’s Gyms of Central Fl